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Trial One: Mind

My name is Kavirra, and while my story isn't one most want to hear, I'm going to tell it anyway. I've been a mind-controlled Illuminati assassin for the past four years, killing anyone and everyone I was told to.

But things are different now, something within me has changed. The walls of numbness that I lived behind for so long have come crumbling down, and I find myself awakening to things I never even imagined possible.

I have no idea how to deal with foreign emotions like trust and love stirring deep within my soul. And with the powerful Illuminati Pures trying to destroy me, I have nowhere to go and nowhere to hide.

I know my journey will be hard, maybe even impossible, but in the end I must undoubtedly believe in myself.


Trial Two: Body

So here I am again, facing the ever-mounting odds. With new villains around every corner, and a man that I truly can’t help but fall in love with, I suspect that I may have finally gone insane.

They tell me that I’ve been here before... that I’ve lived here before. So who knows, maybe in this great Forest, the impossible is possible. What's a girl to do when magic is quite literally in the air, and reality itself is changing before my very eyes?

The people of my past are trying to preparing me for something bigger than myself and my pathetic love-life, and that scares the shit out of me. It lies just beyond the horizon, and is coming for me whether I am ready or not.

I just pray that whatever must be done to save the ones I now call family, is not completely unforgivable.


Trial Three: Spirit

Coming Soon...